Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Australian & New Zealand Xbox 360 Hardware Sales (GfK)

GfK figures put Xbox 360 lifetime sales at 734,000 units across Australia and New Zealand at the beginning of July. Whilst Microsoft don't claim to have the highest sales in 2009, they do claim the highest growth, up 83% over the same time period in 2008.

As for Xbox LIVE, Microsoft claim nearly 400,000 users, and an increase of 39% year on year in the number of downloads from the service. There have been 6.4m pieces of content downloaded over the past twelve months.

For comparison these are GfK's lifetime hardware unit sales in Australia through 2008:

Wii - 979,000
360 - 537,000
PS3 - 368,000*

*Sony claim an additional 75,000 PS3's given away with Bravia TVs etc

And New Zealand:

360: 70,000*
PS3: 60,000
Wii: NA

*Through October 2008, possibly shipped.

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