Saturday, 1 August 2009

German Console Software Market H1 '09 (GfK)

These figures are from GfK's weekly panel. Figures from the more accurate monthly panel should be available soon, but those don't include a console format breakdown, they do however include PC sotware sales which aren't included here.

Total Software Value: 462m Euros
Total Software Units: 13m

NDS - 32.0% (4.160m)
Wii - 19.9% (2.587m)
PS2 - 16.0% (2.080m)
PS3 - 16.0% (2.080m)
360 - 10.1% (1.313m)
PSP - 6.0%* (0.780m)

* No PSP figure was given, so I'm assuming PSP made up the bulk of the remaining 6% of sales.


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