Friday, 11 December 2009

DS Breaks 10 Million in UK, Passes PS2

According to GfK Chart-Track the Nintendo DS passed the 10 Million mark in the UK during week 47 and now stands at 10.05M, passing the previous record holder PS2's 10.02M. I'm not sure if the current totals given are through week 47 when DS passed 10M, or for the latest week's figures available, week 49.


Last week GfK-Chart-Track announced WII had passed 6M, and this week GAME revealed that current generation installed base was at 27.2M.

Total Current Generation Installed Base: 27,200,000 (WK49)

NDS: 10,050,000 (~WK48)
PS2: 10,020,000 (~WK48)
WII: 6,035,000 (WK48)

This leaves 11,1M for 360, PSP,and PS3, which were at a combined 9.4M through week 26:

360: 3,900,000 (WK26)
PSP: 3,300,000 (WK26)
PS3: 2,200,000 (WK26)

Combined these three consoles have moved 1.7M units since week 26, so 360 should be well over 4M by now, with PSP approaching 4M and PS3 approaching 3M.

Hopefully GAME will give exact numbers for all current gen consoles when they post their Christmas Trading Statement on January 12.

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