Sunday, 31 January 2010

Famitsu Software LTD Updates through November 08, 2009

Not sure what this Weekly Famitsu article is about (maybe lowest selling games of 2009 which scored over 32 in Famitsu's cross review?), but it contains some random LTD updates for the following software, a few of which won't be making the Top 500.

LTD Through November 08, 2009:

[PSP] Yuusha 30 (Marvelous Entertainment) - 61,411
[NDS] Take the A-Train DS (Artdink) - 46,675
[Wii] Oboro Muramasa (Marvelous Entertainment) - 45,739
[Wii] Arc Rise Fantasia (Marvelous Entertainment) - 44,863
[PSP] Long Distance Investigation – 23 days towards the truth (Sony) - 21,309
[PSP] Believe in My Own Way (From Software) - 17,611
[PS3] Sonic Unleashed (Sega) - 9,226
[PSP] Nantama: Chronicle of Dungeon Maker (GAE) - 8,243
[360] Sonic Unleashed (Sega) - 3,753


  1. OK.
    Nice find.
    So you find where the update of sonic unleashed come from.

    What is strange is that you don't find the numbers for red faction guerilla. Because, when the geocities website has updated these numbers, he has updated the numbers for red faction guerilla too.

  2. I don't see anything about Red Faction in this magazine, but it's the international Chinese language edition which isn't exactly the same as the Japanese edition. They never have the UK charts in the Chinese version for example.

    It's possible the Red Faction number was only in Japanese Weekly Famitsu, or maybe it was from Famitsu360. Maybe he posted numbers from the next issue at the same time, but I'm missing that issue as no-one has uploaded it.