Monday, 11 January 2010

UK Market 2009 *Updated*

MCV report much of the missing data, with only individual hardware data remaining. Hopefully GAME will release hardware unit data with it's Christmas Trading Statement on Wednesday.

As previously noted, Chart-Track adjusted hardware unit totals in 2009, and backdated the adjustments, Wii 2008 LTD Total was adjusted down 4% (200K), and NDS LTD Total was adjusted down 5% (400K). Unfortunately we don't have the adjustments for the other consoles, but with Xbox 360 LTD total through mid 2009 being slightly higher than expected, and PS3 + PSP being inline with expectations, my guess is that X360 was adjusted up, with PS3 + PSP remaining largely unchanged. Still, hard figures will be required to confirm this.

Regardless of the adjustment, 2008 total home console units remained largely unchanged, with 5.33M now reported for 2008 from the previously reported 5.35M. Adjusted Wii figures for 2008 are 2.73M, which suggests the previous 2008 Wii figure was adjusted down 100K from 2.84M. More than likely the 100K Wii drop was mostly cancelled out by a similarly sized increase for the X360.

However, 2008 total portable console units have seen a considerable downward adjustment from 3.95M to 3.7M, most of this is probably attributable to the 5% downward adjustment of the DS. This brings Total 2008 hardware units down to 9.0M from the originally reported 9.3M record.

Back to 2009, with 68.4M console software units sold in 2009 it will be interesting to see if the UK can hold onto it's Worldwide second place in terms of console software units which it took from Japan in 2008. Hopefully Famitsu will publish total Japanese console software units sometime this week.

2009 UK Market Data:

Total Hardware Units: 6,700,000 (9,030,000)

Home Console Hardware Units: 4,000,000 (5,330,000)
Portable Console Hardware Units: 2,700,000 (3,700,000)

PS3 Hardware Units: 974,000 (955,000)
Total PS3 Hardware Units: 2,802,000

Total Software Units: 74,600,000 (82,800,000)
Total Console Software Units: 68,400,000 (74,300,000)

Wii Software Units: 18,100,000 (20,100,000)
360 Software Units: 16,200,000 (14,900,000)
NDS Software Units: 14,600,000 (19,100,000)
PS3 Software Units: 11,900,000 (10,400,000)
PC- Software Units: 6,200,000 (8,500,000)
PSP Software Units: 2,800,000 (4,100,000)
PS2 Software Units: 1,900,000 (5,700,000)

Total Accessories Units: 35,800,000 (40,000,000)

Console accessories Units 29,600,000 (31,200,000)
PC accessories Units 8,900,000 (8,900,000)

Total Market Value: £3,311,000,000 (£4,034,000,000)

Total Software Value: £1,621,000,000 (£1,905,000,000)

360 Software Value: £459,000,000 (£441,000,000)
WII Software Value: £392,000,000 (£481,000,000)
PS3 Software Value: £342,000,000 (£334,000,000)
NDS Software Value: £266,000,000 (£366,000,000)
PC- Software Value: £91,000,000 (£117,000,000)
PSP Software Value: £44,000,000 (£70,000,000)
PS2 Software Value: £25,000,000 (£92,000,000)

Total Hardware Value: £1,060,000,000 (£1,422,000,000)

Home Console Hardware Value: £746,000,000 (£1,027,000,000)
Portable console Hardware Value: £314,000,000 (£395,000,000)

Total Accessories Value: £630,000,000 (£707,000,000)

Console accessories Value: £523,000,000 (£551,000,000)
PC accessories Value: £107,000,000 (£157,000,000)

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