Thursday, 7 January 2010

UK Market 2009

ELSPA have reported overall market data for 2009, Wii was the leading software units seller, moving over 18M units last year, but 360 took the software value crown with £459M in revenue. PS3 saw the largest software and hardware units increase, up 14% (11.9M) and 2% (974K) respectively, PS3 now sits at 2.8M in the UK.

It should be noted that the 974K PS3 figure is based on a 2% increase from the 955K originally reported as sold in 2008, however Chart-Track adjusted some of it's historical hardware data in 2009 which could result in a slightly different 2008 figure than originally reported. I don't think PS3 was affected too much by the adjustment though, so I expect any change to be minor if anything.

Although 2009 was a 53 week year for Chart-Track, these figures are only for the first 52 weeks of the year for comparison to the 52 week 2008.

Expect updates to the missing format software totals in the coming days, with possible hardware data next week.

Here are the 2009 figures with 2008 figures in parentheses:

Total Value: £3,311,000,000 (£4,034,000,000)
Total Software Value: £1,621,000,000 (£1,905,000,000)
Total Hardware Value: £1,060,000,000 (£1,422,000,000)
Total Accessories Value: £630,000,000 (£707,000,000)

360 Software Value: £459,000,000 (£441,000,000)
WII Software Value: N/A (£481,000,000)
NDS Software Value: N/A (£366,000,000)
PS3 Software Value: N/A (£334,000,000)
PC- Software Value: N/A (£117,000,000)
PS2 Software Value: N/A (£92,000,000)
PSP Software Value: N/A (£70,000,000)

Total Software Units: 74,600,000 (82,800,000)
Total Hardware Units: 6,700,000 (9,300,000)
Total Accessories Units: 35,800,000 (N/A)

Wii Software Units: 18,000,000 (20,100,000)
NDS Software Units: N/A (20,100,000)
360 Software Units: N/A (14,900,000)
PS3 Software Units: 11,900,000 (10,400,000)
PC- Software Units: N/A (8,500,000)
PS2 Software Units: N/A (5,700,000)
PSP Software Units: N/A (4,100,000)

PS3 Hardware Units: 974,000 (955,000)
Total PS3 Hardware Units: 2,802,000


Here's the complete data from 2008:

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