Friday, 12 February 2010

Netherlands 2009

Total Dutch software unit sales were down by 7.0% in 2009 to 10.35m units from 11.13m in 2008. PC software was hardest hit, falling by 18.6% from 3.03m in 2008 to 2.47m in 2009. Console software was less severely hit, down 2.6% to 7.89m from 8.10m a year earlier.

In terms of value total software dropped by 8.4% from €342.39m in 2008 to €313.73m in 2009. PC software was down 16.9% to €40.24m from €48.40m. Console software was down by 7.0% to €273.49m from €293.99m.

Hardware units were heavily down, dropping by 23.5% from 1.476m to 1.128m. Hardware value was down from €312.50m to €228.05m.


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