Monday, 27 July 2009

Wii Sports Resort sells around 105,000 UK first week. Edit: The actual tracked (non-extraploated) number was 89,000

It will come as no surprise that ‘Wii Sports Resort’ is a resounding No1 this week and this is the fourth biggest week 1 for a Wii title, behind ‘Wii Fit’ (week 17, 2008), ‘Mario Kart Wii’ (week 15, 2008) and ‘Mario & Sonic at the Olympics’ (week 49, 2007). Note that the original ‘Wii Sports’ was only released with the Wii console and as such has never been tracked as a software item. However, interestingly enough, week 1 sales of the Wii (week 49, 2006) were almost identical to week 1 sales of ‘Wii Sports Resort’.


Wii becomes UK's fastest-selling videogames console ever
More than 100,000 units shifted during opening weekend

Nintendo and Chart Track have confirmed to that the Wii has become the fastest-selling home console ever, with 105,000 systems already sold.

Last week, Nintendo announced that consumers snapped up 50,000 Wii units within 12 hours of the console going on sale.

The tills continued to ring over the next two days, making the Wii the first console to sell more than 100,000 units during its opening weekend.

In contrast, the GameCube saw sales of 52,000 consoles in the first weekend after launch, while the figure for Xbox 360 stood at 70,000 units.

Of the 14 software titles launching with the Wii, six made it into the all-formats top 40 - including Zelda, which debuted at number 5. Other popular titles included Wii Play and Ubisoft's Red Steel.

It was also a great week for Nintendo's handheld, with around 110,000 DS units sold, and 14 games in the top 40.


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