Friday, 24 July 2009

UK June 2009 Charts

No Top 50 this month, and still no June ELSPA Sales awards update, so not a great deal of new info to extract. However, comparing to the June Console Individual Format Top 10 published in Famitsu shows that;

The Sims sold over 139,000.

PC version of Prototype sold less than 8k.

Red Faction Guerrilla (PS3) sold between 23,000 and 40,000.

June 2009 Multi-Format Top Ten

01 The Sims (PC): 139,000+
02 UFC 2009 Undisputed (360: 77k, PS3: 62k): 139,000
03 Wii Fit (Wii): 115,000
04 Prototype (360: 69k, PS3: 40k, PC: <8k): 108k-115k
05 EA Sports Active (Wii): 108,000
06 Red Faction: Guerrilla (360: 63k, PS3: 23k-40k): 86k-103k
07 Pokemon Platinum (DS): 86,000
08 Infamous (PS3): 77,000
09 Guitar Hero Metallica (360,Wii, PS3, PS2): 40k-77k
10 Fight Night Round 4 (360, PS3): 40k-77k

Incidentally, Chart-Track usually lists the platforms in order of sales, but this is more insightful with the Top 50.

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