Friday, 24 July 2009

"PS3 enjoys strong sales in Middle East"

An interesting article on the Middle East;

"At least 20,000 to 25,000 PS3s have been sold in developing countries this year and 80 per cent of that was in the Middle East."

According to Sony, the entire gaming market in the Middle East, including hardware and software, is worth $750m, and the Middle East market is worth at least $250m to the company.

Back in September 2008 Eidos creative director Ian Livingstone gave the keynote speech at Games ‘08 in Dubai, in which he revealed some Playstation lifetime sales in the region;

PS2 - 4,000,000
PSP - 1,000,000
PS3 - 200,000

“PlayStation is the dominant brand with significant installed bases in the Gulf Co-operation Council with over four million PS2s, over one million PSPs and around 200,000 PS3s” he said.

“The Middle Eastern video games market today is worth $750m, of which $600m is made up of hardware and peripherals

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