Thursday, 13 August 2009

Chart-Track adjust current-gen historical hardware data, updated Nintendo numbers report that Chart-Track adjusted it's hardware figures in June, backdating the historical data too. GAME used the most recent figures through week 26 in their most recent trading update, but failed to update the historical data, resulting in misleading YTD comparisons. This also means that nearly all publicly available historical current gen UK hardware data is obsolete. Hopefully GAME use the adjusted figures in their trading update next month!

Unfortunately they only report Nintendo sales through week 31, but we can work out the size of the adjustments for these;

YTD (LTD) / Adjusted 2008 LTD (previous 2008 LTD) / adjustment (%):

Wii: 0.8m (5,5m) / 4.7m (4.9m) / -0.2m (4%)
NDS: 0.68m (9.1m) / 8.4m (8.8m) / -0.4m (5%)

It seems that Chart-Track had previously overtracked Wii by 4% and DS by 5%.

In the five weeks since week 26 DSi has added 70,000 units bringing it's LTD to 370,000. Wii has added 0.1m, although with the number being rounded to the nearest 100,000 the actual number could be anywhere between 1 and 199,999 making weekly averaging the figure useless.

LTDs (through week):

NDS: 9.47m* (31)
Wii: 5.5m (31)
360: 3.9m (26)
PSP: 3.3m (26)
PS3: 2.2m (26)

*DSL: 7.5m (31)
*NDS: 1.6m (31)
*DSi: 0.37m (31)

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