Thursday, 13 August 2009

German Sotware Market sees slight growth in H1 2009

The full results from GfK's monthly panel are in and it was a record H1 for Germany with 24.8m units of software sold, up 2% from the 24.3m units sold last year. Value was slightly up by 1% from €645m to €649m.

Nearly all of the growth came from home console software with unit sales up 19% to 8.4m from 7.1m more than offsetting the decline in portable software from 5.8m down to 5.1m. PC is still unit sales king with sales mainly static at 11.3m, slightly down 1% from the 11.4m units sold last year.

PC did manage an increase in value by 3% from €185m to €191m, but was easily eclipsed by home console software which was up 12% from €289m to €322m. Again, portable software saw a sharp decline, down 21% from €172m to €136m.

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