Thursday, 20 August 2009

SCEE PAL Shipments announced at GamesCom

Global and PAL Sales:
• PS2: Worldwide sales of 138.8 million with PAL sales of 51.8 million as at June 2009
• PSP: Global sales of 52.9 million with PAL sales of 17 million as at June 2009
• PS3: Global sales of 23.7 million with PAL sales of 10.1 million units

PlayStation Network:
• Global registrants now at 27 million, PAL registrants at 11.1 million
• Connection rate of 60 per cent [all markets]
• Global downloads in excess of 560 million [all markets]
• Total value of sales of $280 million.


Since Sony stopped reporting the regional shipment breakdown on their corporate site the PAL figures are always welcome, as are the global PS2 & PSP figures. A few rounding errors had added up to put the previous cumulative totals off by a few hundred thousand.

Last week Microsoft announced the Xbox 360 had passed 9m in Europe. unfortunately Microsoft's EMEA region* does not include Oceania so a direct comparison to Sony's PAL region isn't possible. It's also not clear if the non-European EMEA countries of South Africa and UAE were included in the 9m figure or not.

With sell through figures for Australia, New Zealand and South Africa it's possible to make some rough estimates for Xbox 360 PAL shipments;

Europe: 9.0m
Oceania: 0.8m (Estimated)
South Africa: 0.1m (Estimated)
UAE: 0.1m (Guestimated)

PAL Total: ~10m

It seems that Xbox 360 and PS3 are neck and neck in the PAL region.

*Edit* Microsoft have since clarified that that their 9m figure is sold to consumer, and not shipped to retail so the actual shipped figure would be somewhat higher than 10m.

*Microsoft's EMEA region includes: UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Greece, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Hungary, Slovakia, South Africa, and UAE

Back in February when PSP passed the 50m shipments mark SCEI gave out a regional breakdown;

  • SCEA: Approx. 18 million units
  • SCEE: Approx. 16 million units
  • SCEAsia: Approx. 4.5 million units
  • SCEJ: Approx. 11.5 million units
and software;

UMD software sales/ breakdown by territories (sell-in as of Dec 2008)

  • WW: approx 200 million (197 million)
  • SCEJ: approx 36 million
  • SCEA: approx 81 million
  • SCEE: approx 76 million
  • SCEAsia: approx 4 million

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