Friday, 18 September 2009

UK PS3 sales at 2.5m

Unclear if this is sold to retailers (my guess) or consumers, but that should be cleared up when GAME are expected to reveal the Chart-Track figures in their interim statement next wednesday.

From a letter to the BBC by SCEUK Senior Vice President and Managing Director Ray Maguire, dated September 11;

SCEUK has sold 2.5 million consoles in the UK since March 2007 and stands by the quality of its products.

However we think it is highly unfair to suggest that from an installed base of 2.5 million that the numbers you mention somehow are evidence of a 'manufacturing defect'.

The testing concerned a sample of only three PS3s, which cannot, on any basis, be deemed to be representative of a UK user base of [c. 2.5 million].


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