Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Xbox 360 sales rise 43% in UK after price cut, PS3 declines 20% prior to one (GfK)

No hard numbers, so it doesn't really tell us much, but here's the article anyway;

£30 price cut for Elite SKU does the business for Microsoft; PS3 sales fall ahead of Slim model launch

The combination of a UK bank holiday and Microsoft’s £30 reduction in the cost of an Xbox 360 Elite lead to a 43 per cent week-on-week sales increase for the next-gen console last week, ChartTrack has told MCV.

Those who were expecting a more significant upturn should, ChartTrack added, note the time of year – the UK shouldn’t expect a serious and consistent increase in weekly hardware sales until October.

Predictably, sales of Sony’s PS3 fell by 20 per cent last week ahead of the launch of the brand new PS3 Slim today. ChartTrack told MCV that it “expects some serious sales numbers” for Sony’s machine come next week.


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