Thursday, 1 October 2009

Australia: PS3 sells 47,000 in September + Wii forecasts

SCE Australia's Michael Ephraim claims 47,000 PS3s sold in September, nearly as much as Wii, and outselling Xbox 360 by more than three to one. That would mean something like ~50k Wiis and ~15k 360s sold last month.

September rough estimates:

Wii: ~50k
PS3: 47k
360: ~15k

Nintendo's Rose Lappin expects to sell a further 400,000 Wiis by the end of the year on top of the current 1.4m, and expects to be at 2m total by March 2010. She also says 3m is a possibility by the end of 2010.

Nintendo's Wii forecasts:

Dec 2009: 1.8m
Mar 2010: 2m
Dec 2010: 3m?


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