Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Russian Playstation hardware sales *Update*

Some more details about Russian Playstation sales including past fiscal year numbers, FY09 forecasts, and PS3 attach rates;

Firstly SCEE's PS3 comparison to Xbox 360 and Wii, although no numbers for their estimates for the other two consoles.

They claim 5 games sold for every PS3, which works out at about 1,000,000 units of software.

Here we have annual sales of PS3 for the fiscal year ending March 31 with forecasts for FY09.

FY09 72,000 (260,000)
FY08 104,500 (188,000)
FY07 83,500 (83,500)

It's interesting to note that they expect a sharp decline in PS3 sales despite the release of the PS3 slim. Russia has been especially hard hit by the global economic crisis.

The same for PSP:

FY09 227,700 (850,000)
FY08 237,600 (622,300)
FY07 N/A (384,700)

Unlike PS3, PSP is forecast to sell only slightly less than the previous year.

Total PS2, PS3, and PSP sales are forecast to be 2,060,000 by the end of the fiscal year, 950,000 of which will be PS2. They also forecast 2,150,000 units of software sold this fiscal year across all Playstation platforms.

Russian 1
Russian 2
Russian 3

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