Tuesday, 13 July 2010

European Charts: Week 26, 2010

Welcome to the new European Charts, which will be updated the second Monday or Tuesday following the close of that week's chart. Basically a one week delay to allow for the inclusion of every chart for that week.


* Individual format charts for: UK, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, and Sweden

* Platform specific charts for: UK, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, and Ireland

* All Formats charts for: UK, Denmark, Ireland

* New Entries roundup


The Netherlands' charts finish midweek, so as to include the full first seven days of new releases. I've decided to use the chart which ends a few days later than the other countries so that it covers the same new releases (provided that the title had a simultaneous release across Europe).

Finland and Norway charts aren't included as they are based off of shipment numbers supplied by publishers rather than independently tracked sell through figures. Also due to Finland having only fortnightly, and not weekly charts, and Norway only having separate home console, portable console, and PC charts with no combined individual platform or platform specific charts.

German platform specific charts will be completed once I've made a new trial account for the site that publishes the charts.

The size reduction used above causes some formatting errors, the original version is available below.

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  1. Good stuff, your site is the definitive stop for actual sales data, Ill be checking back each week at least

  2. Thanks, Week 27 is now up